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10th June – Watch and bid live on the Duke's website

Watch Live here: Classic Cars, Motorbikes, Automobila and Vintage Toys

On Thursday the 10th June, starting with our collection of Exceptional Motorcars, we will be offering a live stream and bidding service through our website. 

Registration with us prior to auction day is essential to avoid disappointment. 

To create an account and register with us follow the steps under the 'sign up' page on the top right corner of our website. To register you will need two forms of ID, the first being a photo ID with a current address and the second being photoless confirming your residence. 

Photo ID - Please provide a scan or photo of one of the following: Passport, Valid driving licence, Shotgun certificate, Firearms licence, HM Forces ID card, EU residence card (Home Office Issue).
Photoless ID - Please provide a photo or a PDF of one of the following: Utility Bill (not mobile phone), Bank Statement (less than three months old), Council tax bill, Mortgage statement, Tenancy agreement, State pension book, Solicitor letter confirming residence (all must be recent or current).