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Ronnie Archer Morgan

Head of Tribal Art

Tribal Art

Ronnie Archer Morgan

Ronnie Archer-Morgan has been working in the antiques business for 30 years.

However, antiques were not always in the plan. Whilst working as a hairdresser for films and commercials, Ronnie would browse the local antiques shops and markets. When he would return with his purchases, he found his clients admired the antiques and wanted to buy them. A new career then beckoned and he was eventually drawn to specialist work, acting as a consultant to Sotheby’s on collections as diverse as wristwatches and costume jewellery.

Ronnie has since developed a particular specialism in Tribal Art and Ethnographica and brings this expertise to the BBC’s beloved Antiques Roadshow program. Ronnie’s most exciting find on the Roadshow so far was a Fijian war club brought along to Scarborough in 2012. Called a 'Buli Buli', it is a beautifully carved ironwood club with a rather sinister purpose - to crush the skull of the enemy.

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